September 09, 2010


The Costliest film ever made in the history of Indian cinema with a whooping 150 crores and produced Sun Pictures Kalanidhi Maran , Rajanikanth the box office King dons the main character with the beautiful doll Aishwarya Rai giving the company, the films is made in 3 languages, Hindi, Tamil, Telegu, and is to hit the theaters in the first week of September, K.Shankar the famous young director will done the microphone as a director and the Oscar Award winner A.R.Rahman doing justice with his tilting music, the visual effects and the stunt directors are hired abroad and the costumes of the Robot and Aishwarya rai are the highlight of the film, not to forget the brilliant locales of Peru, Brazil . The music has already roped in millions of rupees and half the investment earned that is the magic of A.R.Rahman and Super Star Rajani in the main character will definitely have the audiences throng towards the theaters and the advantage of this film is even though the CDs piracy cannot earn reap them capital as the special effects and visuals can be enjoyed only on the big screen rather than the pirated stuff.

K.Shankar has put in his heart and soul for the film as all are aware his films are strong theme based and ROBOT is sure to hit the bulls eye at the box office.


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