December 31, 2007

Day 5: 23rd December '07 – Periyar Tiger Reserve and Vagamon

7:00 am – time for the 2 hour boat drive through the Periyar Lake – home to elephants, the rare Tiger, bisons, deer and hundreds of types of birds. This was another special awe-inspiring experience as our motorboat weaved through the waters of Periyar. The stillness of the scenery was tranquil. This was not exactly the season to spot wild-animals – they mostly come out in the summer months to quench their thirst at the lake. Besides the bird population, we were lucky to spot wild bisons grazing in the hills. Remember to carry binoculars and a camera with zoom while on this trip.

By noon, we left Thekkady for a 2 hour drive to Vagamon – an untouched hill station surrounded by grasslands – this is the perfect location for shooting a music video. After we checked in at Thrisangu Haven – we quickly set out on a drive through tea plantations to Kurisimala – a monastery tucked away in the hills near Peermedu. This spot could easily define a ‘at peace’ moment. The monastery was uphill – a 20 minute walk through a path that winds through grass fields where cows nibbled in complete leisure. The monks ran a small diary farm – with around 200 cows. The diary was self contained with a pasteurizing and bottling plant.

On our drive back – we stopped at Pine Valley – this was one that needs to be experienced to be believed. Vagamon has many tea factories in the vicinity and they are more than happy to show you around how tea is grown, plucked, leaves cut, toasted and processed. Very educative.

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