January 02, 2007

Adrift in vibrations

Sound Therapy is the relatively new idea of healing, comforting, curing and inspiring with music and sound. Vibrations are considered the first cosmic manifestation and scientists view the universe as a continuum of movement expressing itself as an interplay of vibrations and that all things in existence are made up at their most essential level of vibrating, pulsing energy. Sonic rhythms have a definite effect on both physical and mental health. Just as much as sound played at very high frequencies can shatter glass, music can heal our wounds and replenish our life force.

Music such as those of Mozart's has a temporary IQ up sizing and effect the creative development of children. Music can help you overcome obstacles of everyday life - from pain to procrastination, relaxation to romance. Music in this context does not necessarily just meet the ear, but has profound implications for enhancing human abilities and energies. Let us see how the music that envelops us can have an effect on our wellness.

Since times immemorial, kings have employed musicians to soothe and heal them during times of stress and illness. Bach composed his Goldberg Variations for the Russian envoy Count Kayserling who complained of insomnia. The composition was played every night by a harpsichordist and soon the nobleman was snoring. Baroque music from the 17th century has always helped people learn faster.

Pythagoras, Plato and Aristotle related music to the mathematical structure of the cosmos. Music, through harps and flutes, chants and folk songs has always mellowed the soul. A mother always comforts a tired child with a lullaby. Reading poetry with a well-modulated voice, with beautiful words and pleasing meter, could restore balance to the soul. Places of worship always resonate with audio waves. Music is an integral part of most forms of Meditation. All of them 'heal' with the spirituality of sonic energy.

No matter what the form of music they are all therapeutic, uplifting, relaxing, creative, energising, beautiful and affirmative. The mind is easiest absorbed in music. Medical science has recognised the autonomic, immune, endocrine and neuropeptide effect that music has on the human body - music is today used to help relieve pain and stress in hospitals. Research into the subject has given birth to Cymatics - a study of patterns evoked by sound and its influence on matter.

Vibrations are believed to be absorbed by the bones of the skull and not alone by the middle ear. The auditory nerve is connected directly with most of the cranial nerves, including the vagus which reaches the back muscles, larynx, lungs, heart and other organs - thus sonic vibrations give the body an electrical charge. Chanting with its focus on the higher and middle frequencies, combined with attentive listening energises the body. Tibetian chanting aims to collect the energy from the cosmos through the ear and harness this energy which gives life to man and helps see his vitality and to awaken the higher consciousness.

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