December 26, 2006

What's your web-affliction?

The internet has been accused of several modern day maladies. Here are some that came up:

Arachnerd: One who spends way too much time surfing or fussing with their home page
Blog-streaking: Urge to publish secrets online
Cheesepodding: Downloading songs “so cheesy that you could cover it in plastic wrap and sell it at the deli counter"
Crackberry: An obsessed gizmo geek
Cyberbalkanization: Individuals who dislike or have little patience for outsiders
Cybergriping: Griping about a company and its products using a website
Cybervigilantism: Exposure or punishment of online lawbreakers by individuals
Cyberchondria: Research tells you it must be cancer
Cyber-Monday: Online retailers experiencing a surge in purchases
Ego-surfing: Googling your name to check popularity
Empty-spamming: Messaging passages from classic literature, with no discernible advertisement
Google-stalking: Snoop about people on your love/hate list
Domainer: Domain name speculator
Dot con artist: Internet-based scamster
Netlag: When response times and download times are slow
Photolurking: Flipping through albums, even though you dont know who they are
Pierre Salinger syndrome: To assume any information published on the Internet is automatically true
Web-rage: Anger caused by slow downloads and nonexistent links
Wikipediholism: Devotion to contributing to the online encyclopedia

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