December 03, 2006


auto-suggestion (self-suggestion): Form of verbal therapy wherein one repeats affirmations or suggestions until one's body-mind begins to act accordingly.

Most of us never realise that the best way to heal oneself is a gentle tap on the sub-conscious. But none of us know how to do that. Do we?

The machine is; your brain. Your brain is made up of two parts, your conscious and sub-conscious and they work together. We know a lot about the conscious, but the sub-conscious is still a vast unknown territory. One of the greatest powers of the sub-conscious is its ability to use the power of auto-suggestion. Conscious suggestion is the mechanism of feeding the sub-conscious mind thoughts of a creative nature. I.e. Positive affirmations that make their way into the deep fertile ground of the sub-conscious. Or, through neglect and inertia permit thoughts that are destructive to the desires of your heart.

When you read out loud a written statement of your desire for whatever you want, everyday, several times everyday, and do it with emotion and concentration on your desire, and, see and feel yourself already in possession of what you want, then you are communicating (self-suggesting) your desire directly to your sub-conscious.

Once you have decided what you want to use in suggestions, spend a little time working out a form of words for each suggestion that is short, positive, and powerful. Repeat this to yourself.

Effective use of suggestion can:

  • Build confidence
  • Reinforce goals by etching them into your mind
  • Reduce stress
  • Motivate and energise when you are feeling sluggish.

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